Some works done by CAETE Engenharia.


Ore wagon shaft.
Thermoelastic analysis of a rail wheel.
Guide system project for a railroad tamping machine.
Railroad tamping machine structural analysis.
Structural and dynamic analysis of a iron ore wagon.
Dynamic analysis of a locomotive engine.
Hydraulic telescope cylinder.
Hydraulic monitoring on board computer system.
Structural and dynamic analysis of railroad bogie.


Changes in truck tanks supports.
End yokes for trucks.
Gearbox end yokes.
Agricultural equipment bearings.


Changes in petrochemicals pump liner.
Rod for sunken petroleum pump.
Permanent packer for oil wheel.

Alimentative products storing trays.
Thermostat calibration springs.
Dynamic simulation of a thermostat.
Loudspeaker frame.
Dynamic analysis of loudspeaker's cones.
Drum for bucket elevator.


Power generator base structure.
Mobile asphalt mill support structure.
Structural project for goods lift.
Ship access structure.


Plate stamping and bending tool.
Plate drilling and cutting tool.


Thermal-electric-structural analysis of yoke
    arm and anode in prebake aluminum cells.

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